Documentary Screening of "Infância Falada – Histories of Transformation Based on Dialogue"

Join us on October 16th for a film screening at the NYU Production Lab. The documentary film Infância FaladaHistories of Transformation Based on Dialogue (meaning something like “Talked Childhood”), directed by Hermílio Santos and Kamila Almeida, resulted from the research project “Childhood and violence: Everyday life of small children in Favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro, Recife and São Paulo”, coordinated by Professor Hermílio Santos (PUCRS, Porto Alegre, Brazil). Both the research and film received the financial support of the Netherlands-based Bernard van Leer Foundation.

The goal of this research is to provide more precise data regarding violence suffered by children in impoverished communities in Brazil. These results are currently being used in projects by local governments and social organizations to improve the living conditions of small children. Based on the results of the research, the film presents positive experiences in five social contexts in Brazil using different languages to foster and disseminate dialogue among and between children as an alternative to the violence they often experience. The final message is an optimistic one of resistance and dialogue conducted by children and young people. After the screening, the co-director Hermílio Santos will available to answer questions from the audience.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

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Exploring the Role of Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice System

Join us on Friday, May 6th at the 2nd Annual Transformative Justice and Restorative Practices Conference at Lehman College. We will be joining our colleagues from Restorative Justice Initiative, NYU Department of Probation, Common Justice, New York Peace Institute and Center for Court Innovation on a panel titled "Exploring the Role of Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice System." 

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May 6, 2016
Carman, Room 333

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Restorative and Transformative Responses to Domestic Violence

On Friday, April 22nd, 10am-1pm, CVR will be joining a panel sponsored by Restorative Justice Initiative and the Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence titled "Restorative and Transformative Responses to Domestic Violence." 

Topics will include:

  • An overview of restorative and transformative justice principles and practices
  • An overview of restorative justice-based responses to intimate partner abuse
  • The impact of criminalization on marginalized communities and the need for alternative models
  • How restorative and transformative practices address trauma, and support healing
  • How restorative and transformative models could be implemented in New York State

Space is very limited, but you can add yourself to the waitlist at this link. We hope to see you there! 

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CVR is on Twitter!

We were a little slow to catch on, but CVR is excited to now be on Twitter! Who should we follow, where are the good conversations ... how do we use Twitter?! Follow us — we'll follow back! @NYU_CVR

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LIVE WEBINAR — Restorative Justice as a Response to Domestic Violence: Practice and Research

Join us on Thursday March 24, 1-2pm for a live webinar titled "Restorative Justice as a Response to Domestic Violence: Practice and Research." Briana Barocas, Danielle Emery and Faye Zakheim will present on the Circles of Peace model and related research. 

The webinar is the first in a three-part series on Social Justice hosted by the NYU Silver School of Social Work's Office of Global and Lifelong Learning and the McSilver Institute for Poverty and Policy Research.

More information on the webinar and registration can be found here.

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American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting

Dr. Briana Barocas and Danielle Emery will be participating in a round table at this year's American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting. The roundtable is titled "The Intersection of Community and Gender-Related Research" and will take place Friday, November 20th, 2-2:30pm

The full list of presentations included in this roundtable is as follows: 

  • "Fighting Like a Girl: Gender and Aggression in Military Recruitment Advertisements" 
  • "Reimagining the Criminal Justice System's Response to Domestic Violence: Restorative Justice as Treatment for Offenders"
  • "Restorative Justice and Sex Offenders: Volunteerism and its Discontents" 
  • "Risky Decisions: Practitioner Perceptions of Practice and Decision-Making Regarding 'At-Risk' Young Women in Scotland"
  • "The Implementation of Prostitution Programs after the Passage of State Laws"
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NYU Alumni Day

Thank you to everyone who attended CVR's presentation at NYU Alumni Day and especially to the Silver School of Social Work for hosting and promoting the event! It was an invigorating start to the weekend to speak to engaged and thoughtful NYU alumni and students and we were thrilled to be a part of the event. We hope we inspired those in the room to begin thinking of restorative justice as potential response to domestic violence. 

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Safe Horizon Annual Conference

Dr. Briana Barocas and Danielle Emery presented on the Domestic Violence Knowledge Bank at the annual Safe Horizon Domestic Violence Conference titled "Real Progress: Prevention, Practice and Innovation." It was a great opportunity to meet many practitioners from across New York City who are doing incredible work with survivor's of domestic violence. Thanks to those who attended our presentation and for the great conversations throughout the day!

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5th National Conference of Community and Restorative Justice

Dr. Briana Barocas and Danielle Emery will present on Tuesday, June 2nd at 4:15pm at the 5th National Conference on Community and Restorative Justice in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Their themed panel is titled: "Survivors and RJ" and will consist of three presentations: 

  • "Challenging Sacred RJ Crows: The Overlapping Needs of Victims and Offenders" (Elaine Shpungin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • "Restorative Justice as a response to Domestic Violence" (Briana Barocas and Danielle Emery, New York University
  • "Crime Survivorship and the Shaping of a Restorative Justice Movement" (Sonya Shah, Insight Prison Project and sujatha baliga, Impact Justice) 

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit the NACRJ Conference site. We hope to see some of you in Florida!  

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Addressing Victims' Needs: Creating Holistic Models of Support for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence

Thank you to all who came to our event on Thursday, April 16th at NYU's Kimmel Center where community experts Dr. Faye Zakheim, Billye Jones, Priya Chandra, and the Reverend Dr. Donna Schaper, discussed the creation of holistic models of support for victims of intimate partner violence. Participants gained insight into the commonly overlooked needs of unique populations and the challenges of building comprehensive services for victims. They also learned how spiritual life, community integration, and support groups can play a role in the healing process.

Co-hosted by CVR, the Latino Social Workers Organization and NYU Global Spiritual Life. Sponsored in part by a NYU Silver School of Social Work Social Justice and Diversity Grant.

Billye Jones, Priya Chandra, Rev Donna Schaper, Dr. Faye Zakheim and panel moderator Jade Borgeson

Billye Jones, Priya Chandra, Rev Donna Schaper, Dr. Faye Zakheim and panel moderator Jade Borgeson

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Social Justice Series: Allies for Equity at the University of Utah College of Social Work

On Wednesday, January 28th, Dr. Mills presented at the University of Utah, College of Social Work Social Justice Series: Allies for Equity to about 50 attendees. The purpose of this series is to provide opportunities for presentations, panel discussions, guest speakers, videos, group dialoguing, etc. that deal with issues of social justice and diversity.

Dr. Mills's presentation was entitled “Restorative Justice as A Response to Domestic Violence ‘Treatment As Usual’.” The presentation included findings from the previous NSF-funded study in Nogales, Arizona and the current study in Salt Lake City, Utah and was attended by students, faculty, staff, and the community at large. 

Thank you to Irene Ota, the University of Utah College of Social Work student group, Voices of Diversity (VOD) for inviting Linda and CVR to participate in the event. 

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Restorative Justice, Responsive Regulation and Complex Problems Conference

It was an eventful presentation on Wednesday, July 16th, only slightly interrupted by two fire alarms, at the Restorative Justice, Responsive Regulation and Complex Problems conference hosted by the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. Dr. Mills, Dr. Barocas, Ms. Emery, and Dr. Zakheim all presented on the Circles of Peace model and its implementation in Nogales, AZ and Salt Lake City, UT. It was wonderful to draw such a crowd of interested listeners, and especially to have everyone follow once the presentation moved outside. 

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