Articles and Books

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Restorative Justice-informed Treatment for Domestic Violence Crimes
By Linda G. Mills, Briana Barocas, Robert P. Butters, and Barak Ariel - Nature Human Behaviour, 2019

Group Work in Research: Creating a Research Family
By Briana Barocas, Rei Shimizu, Jessamin E. Cipollina, Nancy J. Murakami, Michaela A. Cotner, Yangin Park, Sejung Yang, Milica Gajić, and Nela Noll - Social Work with Groups, 2019

Changing the Domestic Violence Narrative: Aligning Definitions and Standards
By Briana Barocas, Danielle Emery, and Linda G. Mills — Journal of Family Violence, 2016, 31(8), 941-947

The Next Generation of Court-Mandated Domestic Violence Treatment: A Comparison Study of Batterer Intervention and Restorative Justice Programs 
By Linda G. Mills, Briana Barocas and Barak Ariel — Journal of Experimental Criminology, 2013, 9(1), 65-90

Do You Remember: A Letter to My Son
By Linda G. Mills — Traumatology, 2011, 17(3), 62-66

A Critical New Pathway Towards Change in Abusive Relationships: The Theory of Transition Framework
By Yael Shy and Linda G. Mills — Clinical Social Work Journal, 2010, 38(4), 418-425

Circulos de Paz and the Promise of Peace: Restorative Justice Meets Intimate Violence
By Linda G. Mills, Mary Helen Maley and Yael Shy  New York University Review of Law & Social Change, 2009, 33(1), 127-152

Health Outcomes Associated with Perceived Work Stress in Police Officers
By Robyn R.M. Gershon, Briana Barocas, Allison N. Canton, Xianbin Li and David Vlahov — Journal of Criminal Justice and Behavior, 2009, 36(3), 275-289

Violent Partners: A Breakthrough Plan for Ending the Cycle of Abuse
By Linda G. Mills — Basic Books, 2008

Recent Trends in Intimate Violence: Theory and Intervention Volume II
By Zvi Eisikovits, Peggy Grauwiler, Linda G. Mills and Zeev Winstok — Children and Youth Services Review, 2008, 30(3), 249-251

Police Peer Support Programs: Current Knowledge and Practice
By Peggy Grauwiler, Briana Barocas and Linda G. Mills — International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 2008, 10(1), 27-38

Worksite Emergency Preparedness: Lessons from the World Trade Center Evacuation Study
By Robyn R.M. Gershon, Kristine A. Qureshi, Briana Barocas, Julie Pearson, and Stephanie A. Dopson; R.J. Burke and Cary L. Cooper (Ed.s) — International Terrorism and Threats to Security: Managerial and Organizational Challenges, 2008

The Justice of Recovery: How the State Can Heal the Violence of Crime
By Linda G. Mills  Hastings Law Journal, 2006 Feb, 57(3), 457-508

Moving Beyond the Criminal Justice Paradigm: A Radical Restorative Justice Approach to Intimate Abuse
By Peggy Grauwiler and Linda G. Mills — Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 2004 March, 31(1), 49-66

Insult to Injury: Rethinking Our Responses to Intimate Abuse
By Linda G Mills — Princeton University Press, 2003.  Also available in Chinese; please contact

Fighting for Child Custody When Domestic Violence Is at Issue: Survey of State Laws
By Amy Levin and Linda G. Mills — Social Work, 2003 Oct, 48(4), 463-470

When is the personal professional in public child welfare practice? The influence of intimate partner and child abuse histories on workers in domestic violence cases
By Mieko Yoshihama and Linda G. Mills — Child Abuse & Neglect, 2003, 27(3), 319-336

Training Children’s Services Workers in Domestic Violence Assessment and Intervention: Research Findings and Implications for Practice
By Linda G. Mills and Mieko Yoshihama — Children and Youth Services Review, 2002 Aug, 24(8), 561-581

Enhancing Safety and Rehabilitation in Intimate Violence Treatments: New Perspectives
By Linda G. Mills, Peggy Grauwiler and Nicole Pezold — Public Health Reports, 2006 July-Aug, 121, 363-368

Woman abuse and child protection: A tumultuous marriage (Part I)
By Linda G. Mills — Children and Youth Services Review, 2000, 22(3-4), 199-205

Killing Her Softly: Intimate Abuse and the Violence of State Intervention
By Linda G. Mills — Harvard Law Review, 1999 Dec, 113 (2), 550-613

Mandatory Arrest and Prosecution Policies for Domestic Violence: A Critical Literature Review and the Case for More Research to Test Victim Empowerment Approaches
By Linda G. Mills — Criminal Justice and Behavior, 1998 Sept, 25(3), 306-318

Intuition and Insight: A New Job Description for the Battered Woman’s Prosecutor and Other More Modest Proposals
By Linda G. Mills — UCLA Women’s Law Journal, 1997 Spring/Summer, 7(2), 183-199

Empowering Battered Women Transnationally: The Case for Postmodern Interventions
By Linda G. Mills — Social Work, 1996 May, 41(3), 261-268

On the Other Side of Silence: Affective Lawyering for Intimate Abuse
By Linda G. Mills — Cornell Law Review, 1996 Sept, 81(6), 1225-1263

Toward a new Dynamic in Poverty Client Empowerment: The Rhetoric, Politics, and Therapeutics of Opening Statements in Social Security Disability Hearings
By Linda S. Durston, Linda G. Mills — Yale Journal of Law & Feminism, 1996, 8(1), 119-144

Recent Developments: A Calculus for Bias: How Malingering Females and Dependent Housewives Fare in the Social Security Disability System
By Linda G. Mills — Harvard Women’s Law Journal, 1993 Spring, 16, 211-232


Fact Sheet and Other Works

Peacemaking Circles Fact Sheet: Evidence Supporting Their Effectiveness in Dealing with Domestic Abuse 
By CVR — 2009